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XU4 and XU3-Lite have no energy sensor on board

So you always meet this error message in the Kernel boot process because XU4 and XU3-Lite has no INA231 sensor on the board.

[   11.229087] [c4] INA231 2-0040: I2C write error: (-6) reg: 0x0
[   11.233666] [c4] INA231 2-0040: ============= Probe INA231 Fail! : sensor_arm (0xFFFFFFFA) =============
[   11.244188] [c4] INA231 2-0041: I2C write error: (-6) reg: 0x0
[   11.249087] [c4] INA231 2-0041: ============= Probe INA231 Fail! : sensor_mem (0xFFFFFFFA) =============
[   11.259855] [c5] INA231 2-0044: I2C write error: (-6) reg: 0x0
[   11.264473] [c5] INA231 2-0044: ============= Probe INA231 Fail! : sensor_g3d (0xFFFFFFFA) =============
[   11.274430] [c5] INA231 2-0045: I2C write error: (-6) reg: 0x0
[   11.279926] [c5] INA231 2-0045: ============= Probe INA231 Fail! : sensor_kfc (0xFFFFFFFA) =============

If you don't like that annoying message, add the driver module in the black list.

 sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-odroid.conf 

Just add this line in the odroid blacklist file.

 blacklist ina231_sensor 

The annoying message will disappear.

Fix the Ethernet naming issue on Ubuntu 16.04

If you want a traditional name of the Ethernet port eth0, follow this instruction. (Written by TeHashX forum member)
You can also fix the reconnection issue on router/switch rebooting.

Update : Latest “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade” fixed the issue.

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