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Linux platform (Experimental)

Caution : This page is very outdated.

1. If you want to run the latest Linux Kernel 4.9, refer this sub-forum.
Linux Kernel 4.9 Party

2. If you want to run a well maintained Debian OS,
choose meveric's Debian Jessie or Fourdee's DietPi.

This page introduce you another experimental Linux platform with mainline Linux kernel. Since upstream kernel is running on these Linux platform, it might be unstable yet and many features are still missing. If you prefer to run most stable platform, strongly recommend you to install official Linux platform with 3.10.y kernel.


Debian (Wheezy)

Ubuntu (14.04)


The downloaded images can be flashed to your SD card as regular ODROID platform images, using dd on Linux platform or Win32DiskImager on Windows. For more detail to read about flashing instruction, please visit here.


These images already most necessary or commonly using packages are installed and you can install more packages with debian package tool apt-get or dpkg. Below commands will help you to update with recently published packages. In the current release, few packages for ODROID board functions are already installed as well as Linux kernel. You can update these packages in the same manner.

# apt-get update
# apt-get dist-upgrade

For CloudShell

These platform images does not contain the packages for CloudShell hardwares like LCD or IR receiver, instead you can simply install and enable such hardware.

# apt-get update
# apt-get install odroid-cloudshell
# reboot

These commands will install the necessary files for CloudShell and next reboot will give you Linux shell on LCD itself. If you installs USB keyboard on USB 2.0 port on back panel of CloudShell, you can give commands immediately.

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