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The Weather board is an easy to use ODROID-SHOW Add-on that grants you access to UV Index, barometric pressure, altitude, relative humidity, illumination and temperature. Its dimension is only 20 x 20 mm. These Weather board utilize the Si7020 humidity, BMP180 barometric pressure, and Si1132 Ultraviolet(UV) Index with ambient light sensors and relies on some sensor oriented Arduino libraries. Each board comes with a 6-pin connector for ODROID-SHOW connection. All the sensor data goes though I2C communication between sensor ICs and ATMEGA328P MCU on the ODROID-SHOW.

With a few batteries, you can make a portable outdoor weather data capture system. You can also connect it to your host PC or ODROID via ODROID-SHOW to log the various environmental data like a weather station.

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Input Voltage3.0V~3.5V
current Consumption with ODROID-SHOW 60 mA


Version history

FirmwarePC Application
VersionRelease dateFeaturesVersionRelease dateFeatures
1.0Jun 22, 2014First update WEATHER-BOARD firmware1.0Jun 22, 2014First update WEATHER-BOARD PC Application
1.1Jul 30, 2014update bmp180 library.
1.2Sep 03, 2014update si1132 library with calibration of IR photodiode.
1.3Dec 19, 2014update functions checking battery and inputing switches for ODROID-SHOW2



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