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New updates

  • Ubuntu 14.04.2
  • Updated Linux Kernel
  • Updated Kodi 14 Helix
  • Updated Mali GPU drivers to r5p0

* Ubuntu 14.04.2 Image - Download from Main server or Mirror server
* MD5SUM - Download from Main server or Mirror server
* Flashing guide : http://odroid.com/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=en:odroid_flashing_tools

GPU acceleration on the Chromium Web browser

This release supports the OpenGL ES accelerated Chromium Browser.
To use the acceleration, edit /etc/chromium-browser/default like this:

CHROMIUM_FLAGS=" --use-gl=egl --ignore-gpu-blacklist --disable-accelerated-2d-canvas --num-raster-threads=2"

You can see much smoother HTML rendering. Try this link to enjoy the Webgl on the ODROID. Webgl demo

Tip: When you exit the full-screen mode, the screens goes just black from time to time.
Press “Ctrl-Alt-F2” and “Ctrl-Alt-F7” as a workaround.

If you use the latest Chromium Ver 43 or higher, the hardware acceleration doesn't work if you don't enable it manually.
Enter this in the URL box of the Chromium.


And click “Show advanced settings…” in the bottom side.
Check “System - Use hardware acceleration when available” and restart the Chromium.

Slow window moving

To fix this issue, you need to change the Windows Manager to metacity from openbox and reboot.

  • menu/settings/Default applications for LXSession –> Core applications –> Windows manager –> metacity

Note that, the metacity doesn't support the short-cut keys well.

Kodi crashing when exit

The Kodi(xbmc) crashes when exit.

Workaround : Open a virtual terminal (ctrl-alt-F2) and kill it.

  • killall -9 kodi.bin

And return to desktop (ctrl-alt-F7)

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