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U3 eMMC Bootloader Recovery

Case 1: Using the Recovery image

  1. Download Recovery Image file.
  2. Unzip with 7-Zip (Windows) or Linux using “xz -d”
  3. Prepare a microSD card and flash the attached image. flashing → refer this link
  4. Boot with the microSD without eMMC.
  5. Turn on U2/U3 and wait a few seconds and blue LED will blink.
  6. Plug your eMMC module into U2/U3
  7. Plug micro-USB cable into U2/U3 and connect other side to your PC USB host or ODROID's USB host port. (This is a trigger to start the recovery)
  8. After recovery process (only a few seconds), the blue LED will turn off automatically.
  9. Finish. Install OS on your eMMC with as usual.

Case 2 : Boot from SD card and access the eMMC

You need the USB-UART and serial terminal program like a Putty.

1. Boot the board with a Ubuntu SD Card without eMMC.

2. Enter into the u-boot prompt by Enter key or Space key in 3 seconds.

3. Install the eMMC module on the board.

4. Issue a command to connect the eMMC.

Exynos4412 # movi init 1

5. Copy the boot code from SD to eMMC.

Exynos4412 # run copy_uboot_sd2emmc

6. Remove the SD card and power on with the eMMC. The Blue LED should be on by eMMC boot loader.

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