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Release Note of Android (v1.2)


Release Date Feb/08/2014 KST
Release Type Regular release
Release Files selfinstall-odroidc-eng-s805_4.4.2_dev_master-195-v1.2.img.xz (MD5SUM:e7e3b5572230fd434fdeb47f3b085448)

New updates

  • Picture enhancement on HDMI.
    • No blurry or fuzzy
    • Same quality with Linux/Ubuntu release
  • Supporting additional HDMI resolutions.
    • Same resolutions as much as Linux/Ubuntu release
    • Selectable by Odroid Utility or boot.ini
  • Support overscan tuning
    • Configurable by Odroid Utility
  • Supporting portrait display
    • Only possible 90 degree on CW
  • Bluetooth USB Dongle Support.
  • 1Gbps ethernet performance enhancement.
  • Kodi 14.0 “Helix” preinstalled
    • Contains installable .apk and automatically installs on the first boot
    • Auto launching on boot, configurable on Odroid Utility
    • Since Kodi is not working properly when Superuser is installed, you must simply remove Superuser or install another app like SuperSu.
  • Source code clean up and minor issues fixed.
  • SuperUser can be installed if you remove it. (Download)

Known issues

  • Touch on ODROID-VU does not work on cold-boot, must reconnect USB cable - FIXED
  • Date/Time does not back up even though backup battery is connected - FIXED
  • Wifi #4 (RT5572) driver is switched to be based WEXT - CHANGED & EXPERIMENTAL
  • Wifi VID/PID can be configured without HAL changes - FIXED & ENHANCED
    • Support different vendor's Wifi dongle with same chipset with Hardkernel's stock wireless dongles.
  • Most of known issues discovered in Linux release are patched.
  • You can check Build number if proper version is installed.
  • USB sound card doesn't work.

How to checkout

The current version only provide Linux kernel and U-boot source code. Here are the instructions to checkout the source code and build. For more detail information, please visit U-boot and Kernel.


$ git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/hardkernel/u-boot.git -b odroidc-v2011.03
$ cd u-boot
$ make odroidc_config
$ make

Linux Kernel

$ git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/hardkernel/linux -b odroidc-3.10.y-android
$ cd linux
$ make odroidc_defconfig
$ make
$ make uImage

ODROID Utility

$ git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/codewalkerster/android_packages_apps_Utility.git -b s805_4.4.2_dev_master

Android Source

Still not scheduled due to license review

Registering USB WiFi Dongle

We have been reported various WiFi dongles are not supported even though they have same chipset with Hardkernel's WiFi dongle #3 and #4, so we have enhanced to load its driver while registering VID&PID to use.By default, the current Android have two different WiFi dongles which are based Ralink 5572 and Realtek 8188CUS are supported. This is the file maintain the WiFi driver as per VID&PID, you can add your WiFi dongle to here and can be affected on next WiFi turn on.

# cat wifi_id_list.txt                                     
148f 5572 rt5572sta /system/lib/modules/rt5572sta.ko
0bda 8176 8192cu /system/lib/modules/8192cu.ko
0bda 7811 8192cu /system/lib/modules/8192cu.ko
0bda 817a 8192cu /system/lib/modules/8192cu.ko

For example, if you have Realtek 8188CUS based WiFi dongle and its VID&PID are 7392 and 7811, it won't work. So you have add a line below to the file.

7392 7811 8192cu /system/lib/modules/8192cu.ko

Note that the file system is mounted as read only, you must remount before you change the file so that your change can be stored.

# mount -o remount,rw /
# echo "7392 7811 8192cu /system/lib/modules/8192cu.ko" >> /etc/wifi_id_list.txt
# sync
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