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Release Note of Android (v1.1)


Release Date Dec/24/2014
Release Type Quick fix based on v1.0
Release Files selfinstall-odroidc-eng-s805_4.4.2_dev_master-118-v1.1.img.xz (MD5SUM:5df623fcfa3c03e1797c4eef9731c500)

New updates

  • Fixed booting failure after changing the display resolution by ODROID Utilty. This issue only occurs when Android is installed by self installation image.
  • Fixed missing IR remote controller key, Volume Mute and Menu

Known issues

  • No new issues reported on v1.0, keeping to fix the exist issues.

How to checkout

The current version only provide Linux kernel and U-boot source code. Here are the instructions to checkout the source code and build. For more detail information, please visit U-boot and Kernel.


$ git clone https://github.com/hardkernel/u-boot.git -b odroidc-v2011.03
$ cd u-boot
$ make odroidc_config
$ make

Linux Kernel

$ git clone https://github.com/hardkernel/linux -b odroidc-3.10.y-android
$ cd linux
$ make odroidc_defconfig
$ make uImage
$ make meson8b_odroidc.dts
$ make meson8b_odroidc.dtb
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