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 +====== Introduction ======
 +U3 IO Shield is the board that can be plugged on the neat of ODROID-U3 via tiny 8 pin IO connector. You can have 36 IO ports of GPIO/​PWM/​ADC.\\
 +The shape and dimension are exactly same as ODROID-U3. It comes with 12pcs of PCB spacers for easier and solid stacking assembly.\\
 +The IO Shield board is designed as versatile, general-purpose data acquisition and control module and provides a direct connection to ODROID-U3 IO connector. We added lots of basic but essential goodies. First up, there is a big prototyping area, so you can wire up DIP chips, sensors, and the like. Along the edges of the proto area, all the GPIO/​ADC/​PWM and power pins are broken out to 0.1" stips so you can easily connect to them. There are also two 3-pin headers for small servo motors connection. ​
 +====== Hardware and Peripherals ======
 +  * [[U3_IOshield_Hardware|Hardware]]
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