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 +====== SPI interface using the IO-Port #2 ======
 +This page introduces how you can SPI interface using IO-Port on **ODROID-U3**.\\
 +**Note that SPI port supports only master mode and 1.8 Volt interface like other IO ports on Exynos processor.**\\
 +**J5 - 2x2 pins(IO Port #2)**\\
 +This socket is not provides at revision 0.3 
 +^ Pin Number ^ Expansion Net Name ^ Export Number ^ Pin Number ^ Expansion Net Name ^ Export Number ^
 +|1|XSPICLK_1 (GPB.4) | #21 |2|XSPICSN_1 (GPB.5) | #22 |
 +|3|XSPIMOSI_1 (GPB.7) | #24 |4|XSPIMISO_1 (GPB.6)| #23 | 
 +<WRAP left round tip 100%>
 +If your ODROID-U3 have old version kernel you need to update using odroid-utility.
 +  sudo odroid-utility.sh
 +**How to load the SPI driver module for generic SPI usage**\\
 +Load the module to activate the SPI host.\\
 +  sudo modprobe spi-s3c64xx
 +Load the module to activate the generic SPI.
 +  sudo modprobe spidev
 +And you will have a standard SPI node.
 +  ls /​dev/​spidev1.0
 +**How to load the SPI driver module for serial Flash**\\
 +Load the module to activate the SPI host.
 +  sudo modprobe spi-s3c64xx
 +Load the serial flash (misc) driver.
 +  sudo modprobe odroid-ioboard
 +And you will have a Serial Flash node.
 +  ls /​dev/​ioboard-spi-misc
 +**Where are the SPI device drivers in Kernel 3.8.y?**\\
 +{{https://​github.com/​hardkernel/​linux/​blob/​odroid-3.8.y/​drivers/​spi/​spi-s3c64xx.c|SPI host interface driver}}\\
 +{{https://​github.com/​hardkernel/​linux/​blob/​odroid-3.8.y/​drivers/​spi/​spidev.c|SPI generic driver}}\\
 +{{https://​github.com/​hardkernel/​linux/​blob/​odroid-3.8.y/​drivers/​hardkernel/​ioboard-spi-misc.c|Serial SPI Flash add-on driver example}}
 +We have tested the ioboard-spi-misc.ko with a Serial SPI Flash memory SST25WF020A on the new IO Shield and the maximum speed was 40Mhz of SPI clock.
 +**How to change SPI clock **\\
 +{{https://​github.com/​hardkernel/​linux/​blob/​odroid-3.8.y/​arch/​arm/​mach-exynos/​mach-hkdk4412.c#​L538|SPI Clock configuration}}\\
 +Refer this link to know the generic SPIDEV driver usage in detail.\\
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