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 +====== Hardware ======
 +ATmega328 is the main brain which can parse the stream from UART to show the data on the TFT-LCD.\\
 +The UART is connected to the host PC or ODROID via CP2104 which converts the UART to USB interface.\\
 +The CP2104 also has 3.45V voltage regulator to supply the power for LCD too.\\
 +With the on-chip regulator we could simplify the board design.
 +====== Documentations ======
 +This file is the full schematics of ODROID-SHOW. {{:​en:​odroid_show_sch140416.pdf|}}\\
 +This file is the full schematics of ODROID-SHOW2. {{:​en:​odroid_show2_sch141119.pdf|}}\\
 +ATmega328P data sheet : {{:​en:​atmega328.pdf|}}\\
 +TM022HDH26 2.2" LCD data sheet : {{:​en:​tm022hdh26_v1.0.pdf|}}\\
 +TFT LCD Driver ILI9340 data sheet : [[http://​dn.odroid.com/​ODROID-SHOW/​ILI9340.pdf]]
 +====== Specification ======
 +|MCU|ATmega328P at 16Mhz||
 +|LCD|2.2"​ 240x320 TFT-LCD (SPI 8MHz interface)||
 +|Host interface|USB to UART via on-board CP2104||
 +|Input Voltage|3.7 ~ 5.5 Volt||
 +|Power consumption|60mA @ 5Volt||
 +|MCU/LCD Voltage|3.45 V from CP2104 on-chip voltage regulator||
 +|Serial Port Settings|Baud rate:​500,​000 bps (0.5Mbps)||
 +|:::|Stop bits : 8-N-1||
 +|:::|No H/W, S/W Flow Control||
 +| Battery Charging |No| Charge the battery to 500mA |
 +======== ODROID-SHOW/​SHOW2 Hardware Block diagrams ========
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