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 +There 2 ADC input ports on the 40-pin header.\\
 +ADC.AIN0 : Pin #40\\
 +ADC.AIN1 : Pin #37\\
 +You can access the ADC inputs via sysfs nodes.
 +/​sys/​class/​saradc/​saradc_ch0 ​
 +ADC's maximum sample rate is 50kSPS with 10bit resolution (0~1023).\\ ​
 +But the actual sample rate is 8kSPS if you access it via sysfs due to the limited file IO speed.
 +The ADC inputs are limited to 1.8Volt.
 +This WiringPi example code shows how to access the ADC for C/C++ programming.\\
 +[[en:​c1_tinkering|Introduction C Tinkering Kit on Ubuntu]]
 +Library Source code
 +[[https://​github.com/​hardkernel/​wiringPi/​blob/​master/​wiringPi/​wiringPi.c|WiringPi port for ODROID-C1]]
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