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 +====== Release Note of Android (v1.4) =====
 +===== Summary =====
 +| Release Date | Apr/10/2015 KST |
 +| Release Type | Regular release |
 +| Release Files | [[http://​dn.odroid.com/​S805/​Android/​ODROID-C/​selfinstall-odroidc-eng-s805_4.4.2_master-272-v1.4.img.xz|Self-installation Image]] (MD5SUM:​287a55341de7e11bac62070adb56f220)|
 +| | [[http://​dn.odroid.com/​S805/​Android/​ODROID-C/​daily-odroidc-eng-s805_4.4.2_master-272-v1.4.tar.gz|Fastboot update]] (MD5SUM:​259c46c2c10eef2604f0efb232e88d92)|
 +===== New updates =====
 +  * WiFi USB dongle #4 driver is updated
 +    * Updated with backported Linux driver 3.18.1-1 from [[http://​drvbp1.linux-foundation.org/​~mcgrof/​rel-html/​backports|here]]
 +  * WPS feature is verified for WiFi USB dongle #3 and #4
 +  * CPU frequency can be selectable on ODROID Utility
 +    * Selected CPU frequency will be affected from next boot
 +    * Note: C1 wouldn'​t start or halt Android with overclocked frequency (1.536MHz+) if you are not lucky. In that case, you need to reflash the OS.
 +    * Over-clocking will be helpful to play the PPSSPP or Reicast game emulation near full speed.
 +  * Reboot problem when power-off procedure is invoked is fixed
 +  * Power current is reduced to about 70mA from 140mA in the power-off state.
 +  * Fixed minor issues
 +  * [[https://​www.dropbox.com/​s/​c8riigaowy8zx7u/​odroidc-272-v1.4.png?​dl=0|Screenshot of Android version]]
 +===== Update Instruction =====
 +==== Self Installation ====
 +You can install the release to your MicroSD or eMMC with the tool **dd** in Linux or **Win32DiskImager** in Windows. Please refer [[http://​odroid.com/​dokuwiki/​doku.php?​id=en:​odroid_flashing_tools#​using_win32diskimager|this]] for more detail.
 +==== Fastboot Update ====
 +Your can update the release by **fastboot** if you have MicroSD or eMMC already Android installed. If you have **USB-Serial kit**, you can enter to **Fastboot** mode when you execute the command **fastboot** on U-boot command line. Or if you run execute **reboot fastboot** from Android shell command line, your **ODROID-C1** will reboot and get into **fastboot** mode immediately. You can check if your **ODROID-C1** is attached via USB with the command **fastboot devices** in your desktop.
 +$ sudo fastboot flash bootloader u-boot.bin
 +$ sudo fastboot flash dtb meson8b_odroidc.dtb
 +$ sudo fastboot flash boot kernel
 +$ sudo fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
 +$ sudo fastboot flash logo hardkernel-720.bmp
 +$ sudo fastboot flash system rootsystem.img
 +$ sudo fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
 +$ sudo fastboot flash cache cache.img
 +$ sudo fastboot reboot
 +===== How to checkout =====
 +You can checkout Android source tree, please refer [[http://​odroid.com/​dokuwiki/​doku.php?​id=en:​c1_building_android|this page]] for more detail.
 +**Please note, Android source tree is uploading and would be completed in 1-2 days.**
 +==== Android ====
 +$ mkdir odroid-c1
 +$ cd odroid-c1
 +$ repo init -u https://​github.com/​hardkernel/​android.git -b s805_4.4.2_master
 +$ repo sync
 +$ repo start s805_4.4.2_master --all
 +==== ODROID Utility ====
 +$ git clone --depth 1 https://​github.com/​codewalkerster/​android_packages_apps_Utility.git -b s805_4.4.2_dev_master
 +===== Reference boot.ini =====
 +This is the reference **boot.ini** to customize the boot configuration instead of default. You can just download it and copy into VFAT partition of your MicroSD/​eMMC,​ it will be affected on next boot immediately. Not like Hardkernel'​s Ubuntu release, this **boot.ini** does not require **uImage** and **meson8b_odroidc.dtd**. This will read such files from the booting card directly.
 +<file ini boot.ini>​
 +# Possible screen resolutions
 +# Uncomment only a single Line! The line with setenv written.
 +# At least one mode must be selected.
 +# setenv m "​vga" ​         # 640x480
 +# setenv m "​480p" ​         # 720x480
 +# setenv m "​576p" ​         # 720x576
 +# setenv m "​800x480p60hz"​ # 800x480
 +# setenv m "​800x600p60hz"​ # 800x600
 +# setenv m "​1024x600p60hz"​ #​ 1024x600
 +# setenv m "​1024x768p60hz"​ #​ 1024x768
 +# setenv m "​1360x768p60hz"​ # 1360x768
 +# setenv m "​1366x768p60hz"​ #​ 1366x768
 +# setenv m "​1440x900p60hz"​ #​ 1440x900
 +# setenv m "​1600x900p60hz"​ #​ 1600x900
 +# setenv m "​1680x1050p60hz"​ #​ 1680x1050
 +# setenv m "​720p" ​         # 720p 1280x720
 +# setenv m "​800p" ​         # 1280x800
 +# setenv m "​sxga" ​         # 1280x1024
 +# setenv m "​1080i50hz" ​         # 1080I@50Hz
 +# setenv m "​1080p24hz" ​         # 1080P@24Hz
 +# setenv m "​1080p50hz" ​         # 1080P@50Hz
 +setenv m "​1080p" ​               # 1080P@60Hz
 +# setenv m "​1920x1200" ​   # 1920x1200
 +# HDMI/DVI Mode Configuration
 +setenv vout_mode "​hdmi"​
 +# setenv vout_mode "​dvi"​
 +# UHS Card Configuration
 +# Uncomment the line below to __DISABLE__ UHS-1 MicroSD support
 +# This might break boot for some brand/​models of cards.
 +setenv disableuhs "​disableuhs"​
 +# CEC Configuration
 +setenv cecconfig "​cecf"​
 +# Booting
 +setenv bootargs "​root=/​dev/​mmcblk0p2 rw console=ttyS0,​115200n8 no_console_suspend vdaccfg=${vdac_config} logo=osd1,​loaded,​${fb_addr},​${outputmode},​full hdmimode=${m} cvbsmode=${cvbsmode} hdmitx=${cecconfig} vout=${vout_mode} ${disableuhs} androidboot.serialno=${fbt_id#​}"​
 +setenv bootcmd "movi read boot 0 0x12000000; movi read dtb 0 0x12800000; bootm 0x12000000 - 0x12800000"​
 +run bootcmd
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