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 +====== Configuring the IR Sensor on Cloudshell ======
 +===== Setup =====
 +Use the automated tool to configure it. ([[https://​github.com/​mdrjr/​cloudshell_ir|Github Project page]])
 +<​code>​wget https://​raw.githubusercontent.com/​mdrjr/​cloudshell_ir/​master/​install_ir.sh
 +chmod +x install_ir.sh
 +sudo ./​install_ir.sh
 +===== Registering your own remote controller =====
 +By default **ODROID CloudShell** package installs and configures the remote for Hardkernel'​s official remote what is selling for ODROID-C1. Open [[http://​www.hardkernel.com/​main/​products/​prdt_info.php?​g_code=G141637537661|this]] for the detail of default remote controller.
 +Since **odroid-cloudshell** package is based on **lirc**, popular software package for IR remote controller, you can register your IR remote controller to ODROID CloudShell as well. 
 +You can check if you remote already have a pre-made configuration here: [[http://​lirc.sourceforge.net/​remotes/​|LIRC Remote'​s Database]]
 +Download the file matching your remote and save as **/​etc/​lirc/​lircd.conf**
 +If your remote doesn'​t have a pre-made config file, please refer the [[http://​odroid.com/​dokuwiki/​doku.php?​id=en:​c1_lirc#​registering_own_remote_controller|this]] for the instructions.
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