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 +====== Basics of 12pin Port ======
 +The **ODROID-XU4** provides 12Pin GPIOs.
 +**Easy to use GPIOs**\\
 +First, you refer to below link.\\
 +You check Export number that you want to use GPIO.\\
 +[[en:​xu4_hardware_gpio | Pin description]]
 +Create a GPIO file access.\\
 +You can access GPIOs using sysfs interface.
 +  echo 34 > /​sys/​class/​gpio/​export
 +Configure the pin direction (in/out)
 +  echo in > /​sys/​class/​gpio/​gpio34/​direction
 +Read a value
 +  cat /​sys/​class/​gpio/​gpio34/​value
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