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 +====== Boot Loader======
 +===== Boot Media =====
 +On ODROID-XU3 is a DIP Switch (sw1) to select the [[en:​xu3_bootmode_configuration|booting Device]] and CCI Disable/​Enable. ​
 +^ SW1-1(Left of Dip Switch) ^ 1st Boot media ^
 +|OFF|MicroSD card|
 +^ SW1-2(Right of Dip Switch) ^ CCI ^
 +**SW1-2 MUST be ON(CCI Enable) in order to boot properly.**
 +===== Boot Sequence =====
 + Upon power on the board will search for the boot media. It will perform the following:
 +  * 1) iROM (Code inside the SoC) will attempt to read the boot media at the first 512 bytes of it. On those first 512 bytes fwbl1 should exist.
 +  * 2) fwbl1 will load bl2 (SPL) that is part of the U-boot.
 +  * 3) bl2 will load U-boot.
 +  * 4) U-Boot will do whats left, such as handle TrustZone, load kernel image if setted. ​
 +=== fwbl1 ===
 + This blob is the first thing that CPU will call, we don't have much information on it since its provided by Samsung.\\ Position on SD: 1
 +=== bl2 ===
 + This is the SPL, part of the U-Boot, upon building U-Boot you'll have the mkspl program what will extract it from the u-boot.bin\\ Position on SD: 31
 +=== u-boot.bin ===
 + This is the U-Boot itself built. For more information about U-Boot please check their website:
 +http://​www.denx.de/​wiki/​U-Boot\\ Position on SD: 63
 +=== TrustZone Software ===
 + This is the blob done by Samsung/ARM to support Trustzone platform.\\ Position on SD: 719
 +=== Default Env ===
 + The default env provided in U-Boot will attempt the following:
 +  * 1) Load boot.ini script from the first FAT type partition from the boot media.
 +  * 2) Load kernel from its on media/​ramdisk position (This is the Android Boot)
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