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 +===== New updates =====
 +  * Ubuntu 14.04.2
 +  * Updated Linux Kernel
 +  * Updated Kodi 14 Helix
 +  * Updated Mali GPU drivers to r5p0
 +* Ubuntu 14.04.2 Image - Download from [[http://​odroid.in/​ubuntu_14.04lts/​ubuntu-14.04.2lts-lubuntu-odroid-u-20150224.img.xz|Main server]] or [[http://​dn.odroid.com/​4412/​Linux/​ubuntu-u2-u3/​ubuntu-14.04.2lts-lubuntu-odroid-u-20150224.img.xz|Mirror server]]\\
 +* MD5SUM - Download from [[http://​odroid.in/​ubuntu_14.04lts/​ubuntu-14.04.2lts-lubuntu-odroid-u-20150224.img.xz.md5sum|Main server]] or [[http://​dn.odroid.com/​4412/​Linux/​ubuntu-u2-u3/​ubuntu-14.04.2lts-lubuntu-odroid-u-20150224.img.xz.md5sum|Mirror server]]\\
 +* Flashing guide : [[http://​odroid.com/​dokuwiki/​doku.php?​id=en:​odroid_flashing_tools]]
 +===== GPU acceleration on the Chromium Web browser =====
 +This release supports the OpenGL ES accelerated Chromium Browser.\\
 +To use the acceleration,​ edit /​etc/​chromium-browser/​default like this:
 +CHROMIUM_FLAGS="​ --use-gl=egl --ignore-gpu-blacklist --disable-accelerated-2d-canvas --num-raster-threads=2"​
 +You can see much smoother HTML rendering.
 +Try this link to enjoy the Webgl on the ODROID.
 +[[http://​oos.moxiecode.com/​js_webgl/​md5_test/​|Webgl demo]]
 +Tip: When you exit the full-screen mode, the screens goes just black from time to time.\\
 +Press "​Ctrl-Alt-F2"​ and "​Ctrl-Alt-F7"​ as a workaround. ​
 +**Update** \\
 +If you use the latest Chromium Ver 43 or higher, the hardware acceleration doesn'​t work if you don't enable it manually. \\
 +Enter this in the URL box of the Chromium. <​code>​chrome://​settings/</​code> ​
 +And click "Show advanced settings..."​ in the bottom side.  \\
 +Check "​System - Use hardware acceleration when available"​ and restart the Chromium.\\
 +===== Slow window moving =====
 +To fix this issue, you need to change the Windows Manager to metacity from openbox and reboot.
 +  * menu/​settings/​Default applications for LXSession --> Core applications --> Windows manager --> metacity
 +Note that, the metacity doesn'​t support the short-cut keys well.
 +===== Kodi crashing when exit =====
 +The Kodi(xbmc) crashes when exit.
 +Workaround : Open a virtual terminal (ctrl-alt-F2) and kill it.
 +  * killall -9 kodi.bin
 +And return to desktop (ctrl-alt-F7)
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