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 +===== ODROID-SHOW Tutorial on ubuntu =====
 +First download the ODROID-SHOW source code with github.\\
 +Then add libraries after install the arduino IDE.\\
 +Finally after **connecting jumper**, compile and upload.
 +==== Download the ODROID-SHOW source code ====
 +> sudo apt-get install git
 +> cd ~/work
 +> git clone https://​github.com/​hardkernel/​ODROID-SHOW
 +==== Install the arduino IDE ====
 +Launch Ubuntu Software Center, search for "​arduino",​ and install it
 +==== Run arduino IDE ====
 +Open "​show_main.ino"​ sketch file in this path.\\
 +==== Setting Preferences ====
 +You need to locate sketchbook path to the ODROID-SHOW.
 +==== Add Libraries ====
 +Execute show_main source code with arduino IDE.\\
 +You can add the libraries in the IDE through the menu skech -> import Library... -> Add Library...
 +The following way, add ODROID-SHOW folder. (sketchbook folder)
 +==== Compile and Upload ====
 +Check the serial port between /​dev/​ttyUSBn and "tools -> Serial Port" of arduino IDE.
 +> ls /​dev/​ttyUSB*
 +Finally after connecting the jumper, click "​upload"​ button of arduino IDE after click Verify button or "Ctrl + R".
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