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 +===== ODROID-SHOW Version history =====
 +^Version^Release date^Features^
 +|1.0|Apr 25, 2014|Update ODOROID-SHOW v1.0, examples|
 +|1.1|Apr 29, 2014|Add PWM for LED backlight. ex) ESC [ Pn q|
 +|1.2|May 12, 2014|Fix problem about the image coordinates|
 +|1.3|May 21, 2014|Add a way to get current colour in GFX lib|
 +|1.4|Jun 18, 2014|Fix background coloring|
 +|1.5|Dec 19, 2014|Add a function back light control to button|
 +|1.6|MAR 27, 2015|Add ACK to receive correct data in protocol|
 +|2.0|Apr 21, 2015|Update ODROID-SHOW v2.0 and compatible examples with fixed SHOW protocol|
 +==== ODROID-SHOW v2.0 protocol ====
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