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 +====== 2.2" TFT LCD on the Odroid W ======
 +===== Preparations =====
 +  * Odroid W
 +  * uSD-Card ​ => over 2GB or eMMC Module
 +  * [[http://​www.hardkernel.com/​main/​products/​prdt_info.php?​g_code=G140609436593 | W Docking Board with TFT LCD]]
 +===== Configuration =====
 +  - Building the kernel\\ Please refer to [[en:​odroidwkernelcompilation | Kernel compilation for odroid-w]]
 +  - Enable SPI by running:<​code>​sudo vi /​etc/​modprobe.d/​raspi-blacklist.conf</​code>​ Find the SPI line where the spi is black listed <​code>​blacklist spi-bcm2708</​code>​ Comment it out by replacing it with the line below <​code>#​blacklist spi-bcm2708</​code>​
 +  - Enable driver \\ Add to file /​etc/​modules <​code>​fbtft_device name=adafruit22a verbose=0 rotate=90</​code>​
 +  - Auto login and startx \\ Auto login: modify file /​etc/​inittab <​code>#​1:​2345:​respawn:/​sbin/​getty --noclear 38400 tty1
 +1:​2345:​respawn:/​bin/​login -f pi tty1 </​dev/​tty1 >/​dev/​tty1 2>&​1</​code>​ Auto startx: modify file /​etc/​rc.local ​ <​code>​su -l pi -c "env FRAMEBUFFER=/​dev/​fb1 startx &"</​code>​ Disable the option in /​usr/​share/​X11/​xorg.conf.d/​99-fbturbo.conf <​code># ​         Option ​       "​fbdev"​ "/​dev/​fb0"</​code>​ Console at boot: Add kernel argument to file /​boot/​cmdline.txt <​code>​ fbcon=map:​10 </​code>​ Save the file and reboot your Odroid W. <​code>​sudo reboot</​code>​
 +For more information,​ please refer to [[https://​github.com/​notro/​fbtft/​wiki]]
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