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 +===== How to recovery the eMMC boot loader. =====
 +The boot loader is placed on the Boot Partition(Hidden Partition) in the eMMC memory. (C1 model doesn'​t use the Hidden partition).\\
 +When it is corrupted or you want to use the eMMC to other different board, you must install the proper boot loader in the eMMC.\\
 +Note that you must have a micro-SD card to do the recovery process.
 +[[emmc_recovery_u3|ODROID-U3 eMMC Recovery]]
 +[[emmc_recovery_xu3|ODROID-XU3/​XU4 eMMC Recovery]]
 +<WRAP left round info 60%>
 +[[http://​codewalkerster.blogspot.kr/​2014/​02/​how-to-recovery-emmcemmc-50-u-boot-on.html|한국어 버전]]
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