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 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
 <WRAP center round box 60%> <WRAP center round box 60%>
-Supported resolutions at this moment (2016-06-30)+Supported resolutions at this moment (2016-08-03)
   - 4K UHD (2160p)   - 4K UHD (2160p)
   - 3440x1440   - 3440x1440
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   - 640x480 (VGA)   - 640x480 (VGA)
   - 1680x1050   - 1680x1050
 +  - 1600x1200 (supported on Ubuntu only so far, it will be released for Android soon.)
   - 1600x900   - 1600x900
   - 1440x900   - 1440x900
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