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 ====== How to use libcec on ODROID-C1 ====== ====== How to use libcec on ODROID-C1 ======
-===== Kernel re-installation =====+This guide was written on the assumption that you work on ODROID-C1 board. ODROID-C1 kernel can be built on HOST-PC using cross-compiler. But, libcec must be built and installed on ODROID-C1 board.
 +===== Kernel re-installation =====
 **Get the ODROID-C1 kernel source code** **Get the ODROID-C1 kernel source code**
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 +$ sudo apt-get update
 +$ sudo apt-get install lzop
 $ git clone --depth 1 https://​github.com/​hardkernel/​linux.git -b odroidc-3.10.y $ git clone --depth 1 https://​github.com/​hardkernel/​linux.git -b odroidc-3.10.y
 $ cd linux $ cd linux
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 <​code>​ <​code>​
 $ make uImage -j4 $ make uImage -j4
-+sudo cp -f arch/​arm/​boot/​uImage /​media/​boot/​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +===== libcec installation =====
 +**Build & Install pulse8 platform**
 +$ sudo apt-get update
 +$ sudo apt-get install cmake liblockdev1-dev libudev-dev libxrandr-dev python-dev swig
 +$ git clone https://​github.com/​Pulse-Eight/​platform.git
 +$ mkdir platform/​build
 +$ cd platform/​build
 +$ cmake ..
 +$ make
 +$ sudo make install
 +**Build & Install libcec for ODROID-C1**
 +$ git clone https://​github.com/​Raybuntu/​libcec.git
 +$ mkdir libcec/​build
 +$ cd libcec/​build
 +$ cmake -DHAVE_AMLOGIC_API=1 ..
 +$ make -j4
 +$ sudo make install
 +$ sudo ldconfig
 +**Test libcec using cec-client**
 +$ sudo chmod 666 /​dev/​AmlogicCEC
 +$ cec-client
 +$ sudo cec-client
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