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 +**Robot Control application software.**
 +**Precompiled .apk file can be downloaded from here.**
 +Full Android app source code is here via SVN.[[br]]
 +Default application software screen. It shows below items.
 +  * Battery level
 +  * Temperature
 +  * Air Pressure
 +  * Altitude(Height)
 +  * Multi-touch Slider for left motor control
 +  * Multi-touch Slider for right motor control
 +  * Software/​Firmware version information
 +Bluetooth pairing screen[[br]]
 +Scan and pair the ODROID-BaB robot with your Android phone.[[br]]
 +Press "​memu"​ key of your phone to select "​Connect Device"​.[[br]]
 +If the pairing is succssful, there is a Robot-ID on the upper right corner "​ODROID-BaB-xxx-xxx"​[[br]]
 +The xxx-xxx is a bluetooth unique ID code.  You can also find a firmware version information.[[br]]
 +If you want to use the voice command mode, select "​Speech"​ in the menu[[br]] Or just press blue square icon.
 +Now the robot can response to your voice.[[br]]
 +There are only 5 commands as of now.[[br]]
 +  * Run (Go Forward)
 +  * Back (Go Backward)
 +  * Rotate
 +  * Right
 +  * Left
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