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 {{:​en:​acc:​35tft:​home.png?​400|}} {{:​en:​acc:​35tft:​home.png?​400|}}
 ==== 0. Create a new config file ==== ==== 0. Create a new config file ====
-  sudo mv /​etc/​X11/​xorg.conf /​etc/​X11/​xorg.conf.old+  sudo cp /​etc/​X11/​xorg.conf /​etc/​X11/​xorg.conf.old
   sudo rm -fr /​etc/​X11/​xorg.conf.d/​exynos.conf   sudo rm -fr /​etc/​X11/​xorg.conf.d/​exynos.conf
 Add following lines in "/​etc/​X11/​xorg.conf"​ file. Add following lines in "/​etc/​X11/​xorg.conf"​ file.
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